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You can walk into any room with absolute confidence only when you feel that from within. There are plenty of things

to make a woman feel confident, such as her appearance, her makeover, her hairstyle, her scent, and off course, what she wears. But when we are talking about bringing out confidence from within, then the undergarments that she wears makes the difference.

You may find undergarments for girls easily everywhere. They are often seen at big departmental stores, and now some clothing brands have also started to launch their line of lingerie in Pakistan. Amongst all the local and imported brands, Warda promises to provide you with premium quality lingerie at an affordable price. It’s time to check out some top seller undergarments for ladies that are now available in our stores and online as well.

The push-ups

Why not invest in a good push-up bra to boost the level of your confidence and look great every time you dress up. Don’t think that a push-up padded bra is only meant for ladies with large bust sizes. At Warda, we have plenty of push up bras for everyone’s liking.

The T-shirt Push-ups

Wearing a plain t-shirt can be boring and look quite baggy on a slim figure. To make those curves stand out, you need a good push-up bra specifically to be worn under your t-shirt. However, buying a bra in Pakistan to be worn under a t-shirt is quite tricky. The curves of the bra’s cups must not pop out underneath the shirt’s material.  This is where most of the women go wrong when they ignore this factor. Your entire look can go in a deep pit hole when those curves are quite prominent.

To avoid this mistake, you should buy our “plunge bra”, which will not only correct your posture but also make you look like an elegant lady. A plunging push-up bra is perfect for low necklines, everyday shirts and tank tops. The seamless silky feel of the bra, along with partial coverage, comfortable lift and versatility are what makes our brand one of the best bra brands in Pakistan.

All-day no wire push-ups

An all-day everyday bra should be so comfortable that you don’t feel it on your skin once you put it on. Wired bras can cause discomfort to some extent if worn for longer hours. Therefore, our “All day no wire push-ups” are just meant for your daily wear and still make you look sassy. You’d thank us later with our no-wire, super soft material and some light padding for the oomph factor. This bra will become a staple in your intimates.

The Sports Bra

A sports bra and that too pretty? Can’t believe it right? Warda brings you its exclusive line of sports bras so that you can now have a smooth workout session at the gym.  The sports bra range has got defined cups for the right amount of lift, while the longline bra style ensures comfortable support during a workout. Bonus tip: It looks amazing alone or layered under a T-shirt or even a tank top. You can easily purchase this via bra online shopping. Simply click on our website link and visit the main tab of lingerie. We have a whole variety of colours that you can mix and match with your gym tights for an overall attractive look. To buy bra online Pakistan is quite easy due to the availability of size charts and informative descriptions of the product itself.

Easy walks with best women’s underwear

When shopping for women’s underwear you are most likely to pick the same type of briefs, thongs or knickers. Have you thought of experimenting with Warda’s latest collection of stylish and sultry panties? It’s no harm to have some fancy lingerie lying in your closets top drawer. We truly understand when you are trying to bring a change, it can get overwhelming, and this is where we step in. Whenever you head out to shop from the undergarments women's section specifically, you must look for one that fits you properly. A tight one may lead up to the problem of chafing, rashes or irritation. 

Best quality material underwear for women

As we care for women’s health and hygiene, our undergarments for ladies are made of top quality fabrics. Talking about underwear, the quality of fabric that you choose is very important. Natural fibres are the best for undergarments.

Natural Fibres

Cotton is a natural fibre, which is soft on the skin and breathable at the same time. On the other hand, a silk panty adds a fancy touch to your collection of panties, being a natural fibre, and quite light in weight. Other than that there are plenty of other fabrics such as spandex (which adds some degree of elasticity and stretchability), jersey and lace.

The underwear women section at Warada’s outlets and online stores has a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, spandex, and lace as well. Play it a little flirtatious or sultry with our exotic looking and fine-quality panties.

Types of underwear for women at Warda

If you are stuck at just one kind of underwear, you can try other styles from our stores. We have got briefs, thongs, high-rise and lacy women’s underwear to make your innerwear a little less boring and more vibrant. And don’t forget, we cater for all sizes, and you may order them online too. We bet you, your online shopping experience with us will be marvellous and help us make us one of the top bra brands in Pakistan soon Insha’Allah.