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The summer season hits differently every time, don’t you think so too?  The longer days feel warm and relaxing and with this, who can say no to a dinner date for two or an intimate picnic getaway under the sky. Here at Warda, we love when the sun rolls down and the rays effortlessly evoke images of sun-kissed happy times. And this summer season, we are sharing this feeling with you in terms of “Body Mists by Warda”.  So enter into the world of floral fantasy, seashore bliss, and the essence of passionate fruits with this affordable range of perfumes for women by Warda. A range of best ladies perfume featuring body mists and fragrances that are highly pocket friendly. 

Spring Bloom body mist

Enter the flower dome and feel every floral note blooming in the spring season. “Spring bloom” is a perfect body mist that has floral tones and gives a feel of fresh orchard instantly. Spread the blossoming freshness in every room that you walk in. Spring Bloom is a low price perfume in Pakistan introduced by Warda at a price of just Rs. 995. Imagine having a bottle of body mist under a thousand rupees only.

The outer packaging of the bottle is also designed beautifully. The floral and girlish packaging gives real vibes of a flower dynasty. This 250 ml bottle will last months, and a single spritz will leave you enchanted. So if you are looking for affordable ladies perfumes in Pakistan, “Spring Bloom” should be the one.

A zing of Fruity Splash

As we said earlier, summers are long and warm, thus staying fresh is also a vital job. Our “Fruit Splash” will uplift your spirits and give you a boost of freshness right away. “Fruity Splash” is currently the hot seller of ladies perfumes in Pakistan at Warda right now. This body mist comprises citrus notes and tangy fragrances that are derived from fruits extracts such as orange rind essence and grapefruit. It is a perfect women scent to keep them fresh and smelling pleasant, making it an ideal pick for the sweltering summers. Make your summers refreshing with zingy yet juicy tones of citrus fruits with an exotic aroma. This body mist is also perfect to wear on a long day trip or even on a romantic dinner date with your partner.

The ultimate “Fusion Blast”

Amongst the many perfume brands in Pakistan, Warda has brought forward an affordable line of body mists for its customers. A perfume for every mood. So is the “Fusion Blast” to give you a boost of instant freshness and confidence with a single spritz. The fragrances bottle up the essence of crisp and freshwater,  fused with blooming flowers, turning into a blast of natural fusion. This body mist is also priced at Rs. 995. As branded perfumes price in Pakistan is quite high, so ditch those expensive perfumes and keep a bottle of “Fusion Blast” in your bag.  This mist is a perfect gym partner, as a spritz or two after a workout and shower will give a feeling of cool breeze.

Play it “Floral Crush”

A scent that is so sensual, energetic, uplifting and playful, you call it “Floral Crush”. Also available in stores and online, you can get this body mist for only Rs. 995. Delectable, utterly divine and an aromatic experience bottled up by the name of Floral Crush is a must-have for every lady this summer season.

We bet you, these are even better and cheaper than the imported ones. As there is always a doubt of having bought original perfumes in Pakistan from scent shops, you should switch to the body mists by Warda.  This body mist is currently famous amongst teens and college girls as they are easy to carry. So enter a room with a spritz of this body mist and make everyone’s head turn.

Easy to carry

Every bottle of our body mist is lightweight and can be carried easily in a bag. Hence, our 250 ml bottle can be easily carried from one city or country to another, making sure you never miss out on your aromatic note.

Surprise Surprise!

Short of ideas on what to gift you friend, mother, sister or wife? These body mists by Warda is a unique collection of perfumes in Pakistan for women, all under just a thousand rupees. So you don’t have to worry much about the perfume price in Pakistan when it comes to fragrances and body mists by Warda.

Pleasing to the eyes

Not only are our mists sensual but are also pleasing to the eyes. All bottles have been thoughtfully designed and packaged ensuring no spill or leakage along with longevity and handiness. You may also order these sensual mists online via our website, for your convenience. Gifting has been made easy with the online shopping service. You can send it as a gift to your loved one by just sitting at your home and getting it shipped to their address directly.