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Shopping is one thing, but smart shopping is a whole new level! A true shopaholic not only buys everything he or she lays her/his eyes on but also shops wisely when it comes to online dress shopping or buying from the store.  Smart shopping refers to the tendency for customers to invest a considerable amount of time and effort to achieve price savings and maximum product utilization. Warda brings you an opportunity to experience smart shopping with its summer suits for ladies. Let’s dig into the details of what you can hoard for the next summer season.

Printed lawn collection

The lawn printed suits are always a summer staple for ladies. Every year we witness lawn brands promoting their designs with various designs, colour combinations. With the transitioning weather, at Warda, we decided to not only promote our pre-fall collection but also promote summer ladies 3 piece suit.

You will find a vast array of printed lawn suits, chikankari lawn suits, and lawn embroidered suits at all our stores and online as well. The best part about shopping at this time of the year is that you can purchase these suits at a discounted price and save them for the next season. This will let you save a lot of money and time, and you won't have to face the “what do I wear” state of affairs in your wardrobe.

Our printed lawn collection is available in both unstitched and Pret wear. The unstitched category has got single printed lawn shirts, 2 piece and 3 piece suits. Moreover, the prints are mesmerizing and vibrant that they will last all summer next year. so get ready to drape yourself in some stylish and feminine printed designs for the upcoming summer season  2022.

Pret wear


Ready to wear summer shirts for ladies, available at up to a discount of 50%!!! Now that’s what you call a complete smart shopping experience. Hurry up, and get your desired summer article at a reduced price. The pret wear has got plenty of printed shirts, suits, embroidered shirts, and suits, as well as chikankari lawn shirts and suits. With sophisticated prints, intricate embroidery patches and modern

chikankari patterns, your wardrobe will be refreshed with Warda’s summer ready to wear collection. 

Our pret wear has some fantastic collection of matching separates, i.e. trousers that are available in plain colors, embroidered, chikankari and tights as well.


Exclusive Chikankari lawn collection

Chikankari suits have been quite the rage in the summer season this year. Above all, colours like teal, rusty orange, pale yellow, red, maroon, bottle green, mustard, black and white are very much trending. Therefore, we would suggest you grab these suits from Warda which ar/e enriched with mystique prints and bold colours. Get the unstitched collection designed by your tailor in the latest stitching designs, such as cut-outs in pants, flared sleeves, floral laces, blingy buttons etc. Moreover, a chikankari shirt with trouser suits is also available in 2 pieces, stitched and unstitched category both.

You don’t necessarily have to step out for shopping these days. Rather opt for smart shopping with online clothes shopping. it saves your precious time and money as well to some extent.

Some styles, prints and designs stay in fashion for a substantial amount of period. Likewise, these chikankari shirts for ladies must be a part of your wardrobe next summer season as well as they will stay in trend in 2022 as well.

Embroidered shirts and suits for summer

Printed lawn can be found in an economical price range and almost every store and brand has plenty of printed variety in lawn dresses. At Warda, you can find mesmerizing embroidery patterns on stitched and unstitched suits that are perfect for all formal events like intimate engagements, bridal showers, etc.

So indulge yourself in these stylish and trending embroidered shirts and suits for ladies at discounted prices. What could be better than stocking up these suits at a reduced price beforehand in advance?

Online smart shopping

A lot of companies and brands charge their customers with delivery charges. At Warda however, you won't have to pay any such charges if your order is above Rs. 1500. It's that simple and smart! We want our customers to have a smart shopping experience to the core before summer hits with scorching heat. Therefore have a cool yet memorable retail experience with Warda’s online clothes shopping.

A lot of customers, in general, have this false perception of receiving fake articles and different as shown in the picture. Over the last couple of years, e-commerce industries ha/ve done a tremendous amount of effort to gain customers trust. Warda is one of those clothing brands that has gained trust and fame over the past years because of its premium quality lawn for the summer season along with exceptional delivery services for the customers over rushy and festive events especially.